History of the Future

What might Swarthmore look like 20 years from now? What key factors underlie that vision? What actions would the College have to take to achieve it?

In preparing to embark on this strategic plan, and at President Chopp’s suggestion, several members of the faculty, staff, and alumni body did just that. President Chopp encouraged them “to craft a vision that is as broad or as narrow as you choose, and to be utopian, pessimistic, or realistic in your vision.” The result – a “history of the future,” several of which are synthesized and accessible below.

In addition to soliciting thoughts on the “histories” already written, this space is intended for all members of the Swarthmore community to share their own. The goal is not just to think beyond incremental change and identify what will have a significant impact on the College in the coming years, but to use this as an opportunity to think “forward.”

The Central Themes [pdf]
In Celebration of the Center for Liberal Arts in the Public [pdf]
Swarthmore Recognized [pdf]
A Look Back at Great Decisions and Changes [pdf]
Failure to Convince: A Second Strategic Plan [pdf]