Draft Plan

Strategic Directions for Swarthmore College: Planning Update, September 2011

This document reports on a year of work by the members of the Swarthmore College community to establish strategic directions for the College’s future. Members of the Swarthmore College community engaged in conversations about the College and its place in the world and examined data about the College and peer institutions, the result of that good work is this draft of strategic directions that includes five underlying principles and seven multifaceted recommendations. The Strategic Planning Council offers this work in progress as a means to encourage further good ideas to emerge throughout the fall semester. This draft will be discussed in forums held throughout the fall semester, and community members are encouraged to share their comments about the ideas presented in this document on this website. The goal of the Strategic Planning Council is to present a refined version of this plan to the Board for their consideration this winter. If the Board approves the plan, we will articulate steps for implementation in the spring and look forward to sharing those ideas with the community as they evolve.

Read the full Draft Plan [pdf]

Swarthmore College Strategic Planning Process: A Summary of Community Conversations, September 2011

For more information about community engagement with the planning process, please read the Appendix [pdf]